4.22.16 As a self-proclaimed introvert, it's hard for me to do things I've never done before. When I turned 21, I made a goal for myself of going at least 1 new place a year. And by new place, I mean somewhere outside the United States that I've never been to before. In 2014, it [...]

Talking is hard.

4.15.16 Something you might not know about me: I love music. Growing up in a musical household, we were constantly surrounded by good music, courtesy of Dad. Sting, Santana, Dave Matthews Band, Sade, Chicago, Elvis Presley (courtesy of Mom), The Police, Toto, Bruce Hornsby, Stevie Wonder, and the Beatles were all frequent guests in our [...]

Currently Addicted (the abridged title)

4.13.16 Things I’m Currently Addicted To That Are Too Good Not To Share, So You Should Probably Jump On This Bandwagon Too:   1 La Croix flavored sparkling water (current favorite - Apricot) 2 Darling Magazine (I got a subscription for Christmas and HOLY CANNOLI it will inspire the heck out of your life.) 3 Moleskine journals (in [...]

On Beginnings

4.09.16 I think the first post is the hardest one to write. I’ve been sitting here staring at this page for about a month now. So many things I want to say, and none of them seem consequential enough to be shared. Open the tab, close the tab. Whatever. I’m going to say it anyway. [...]