Currently Addicted (the abridged title)


Things I’m Currently Addicted To That Are Too Good Not To Share, So You Should Probably Jump On This Bandwagon Too:


La Croix flavored sparkling water (current favorite – Apricot)

Darling Magazine (I got a subscription for Christmas and HOLY CANNOLI it will inspire the heck out of your life.)

Moleskine journals (in purple, obviously. Go Frogs. The covers are soft and they have the best paper.)

4 The dollar section of Target (Where else can you buy 3 little fake succulents in miniature cement pots for $3? Poor post-college student decorating for the win.)

Capri blue candles in Blue Jean (they LEGIT smell like freshly laundered blue jeans. Sounds like the weirdest thing ever, but it’s surprisingly calming and comforting.)

Latte bowls from Anthropologie (Okay. They’re $6 apiece and they come in so many colors. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe because let’s be honest – no one has time for hand washing dishes rn. I want to eat all of my food out of them. Cereal? Soup? Ice Cream? Noodles? Rice? Literally perfect.)

Stabilo point 88 pens (the BEST journaling pens on the planet. They’re fine point and they come in the best colors. Now I wanna write on everything. Thanks, Stabilo.)

NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Tea & Cookies (I honestly don’t enjoy putting on makeup and often forget about my lips – except for Carmex because that stuff is like crack and it makes your lips feel like angel wings – but this new NYX liquid suede stuff is the BOMB. Tea & Cookies is the perfect spring color and it takes like 2 seconds to put on. Plus, it dries matte so that you’re still super chic and relevant and like totally not glossy at all. lol.)


Well, I hope you’ve had a proper addiction education. These are just a few of the things I’ve discovered and loved over the past year that are way too good to keep to myself! You’re welcome.

xo M

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