As a self-proclaimed introvert, it’s hard for me to do things I’ve never done before. When I turned 21, I made a goal for myself of going at least 1 new place a year. And by new place, I mean somewhere outside the United States that I’ve never been to before. In 2014, it was London, Paris, and Edinburgh. In 2015, it was Panama. And in 2016, it’s Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.

Y’all. NOTHING makes me happier and more high on life than traveling. It completely turns me into a little kid. God has blessed us with such an incredible Earth – it would be such a shame to not see as much of it as we can! Traveling is a little bit scary, a little bit strange, and a whole lot of wonderful. This year’s trip is a little less “educational”, but it’s exactly what I need.

I can’t lie – it’s been a tough year. The toughest by far. So I’m celebrating the end of my college era (albeit, a year late) and the start of my adult life with a little cruise around the Caribbean. I’ve never seen aqua water, I’ve never swam with dolphins and sting rays, and I’ve never zip-lined through the rainforest before. But this week, I’m going to get to do all that!

The sweetest family friends have allowed me to be the bonus kid on their family cruise and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for letting me tag along! I’m in serious need of some Vitamin D and the sea is calling my name.

Here’s to adventures and here’s to doing things we’ve never done before. See you in a week!

xo M

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