5.25.16 The curious thing about being in this current stage of life is that instead of figuring out who I am, I’m figuring out who I’m not. Which, I guess by process of elimination, means that I actually AM figuring out who I am. Why does being a young adult have to be so confusing? [...]

A Really Big Year

5.09.16 In the 23 short years I’ve been alive, I’ve only ever had one goal for myself. Graduate from college. That’s it. I remember being in Kindergarten and thinking, “Holy cow. I have 12 more years of school left! And then 4 more years after that!” And then I might’ve cried a little because that’s [...]

Rhythm + Blues

5.4.16 Sometimes, it’s just hard to put things into words. After I travel, at first I want to tell everyone everything about it and then I get a little jealous and protective of my memories. I tend to want to hold it all inside because if I let it out, then my trip will really [...]