Rhythm + Blues


Sometimes, it’s just hard to put things into words. After I travel, at first I want to tell everyone everything about it and then I get a little jealous and protective of my memories. I tend to want to hold it all inside because if I let it out, then my trip will really and truly be over.

It’s been 4 days since I got home and I’m pretty far into the jealousy stage.

I tried really hard to document every part of my trip – noting all of the little facts about each place, from the way I felt at that moment to the funny nicknames we gave to people. And the more I think about all of those memories, the more I just want to sit on the floor and cry. Because there’s just something about traveling and going to new places and meeting new people that changes you in the BEST way. You never come back the same.

I keep hoping that it will get easier the older I become. Easier to come home to my job and my house and my dog. Easier to slip back into a routine. But it doesn’t. It’s become increasingly harder for me to function in normal society once I’ve had a taste of the freedom and possibilities that travel has shown me.

I’ve always been a hoarder of memories and a big proponent of celebrating all of the times that meant the most to me. The one year anniversary of when I left for London was a rough one because I knew that although I had those incredible memories of my summer in Europe, there was no way to go back and experience it all over again the same way. The same is true no matter where I go. I know that a year from now, I’ll say, “This time last year we were in Mexico (or Grand Cayman or Jamaica)!” just like I said about all of the other places I’ve been.

Not only does traveling make life exciting and meaningful and poignant, but it also challenges you to take a step back and remember why you decided to go in the first place. It makes you reflect on where you are in life and gives you something to look forward to and remember. It gives you a glimpse into how other people live and allows you to meet people from all over the world.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s just the post-cruise blues, but I know that the world is too big and too lovely not to be explored. It’s all about finding the rhythm of life in the in-between times. And it’s never a bad time to be reminded of where your heart is and to remember what a small part you play in a big world.

Contrary to popular belief, I am actually really excited to share my adventures on the Carnival Freedom with you, so stay tuned!

But I think I just have to wallow in the good stuff for a little while longer. I’m still trying to find my rhythm while planning for my next adventure. Because who are we if we’re not doing what we love?

xo M


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