here’s your permission slip

June’s post is brought to you by the word permission. I read something today that really resonated with me and seems to be a common thread woven through my thoughts this month: I don’t know how to give myself permission to be in process. I’m honestly tired of whining about this, but I haven’t yet [...]

type 1

It’s me, just squeaking this month’s post in under the wire again. Kind of like how I completed all of my writing assignments in college LOL. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s more that everything I come up with just feels a Sometimes if I plan too much, I end up overthinking [...]


Last year, I went on a trip with some of my best friends to Las Vegas. While we were there, we did some road-tripping and exploring. We got up really early in the morning and drove our way through Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and back again. Something happened to me on that trip that I didn’t [...]

Heavy stones.

I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. And sometimes I’m afraid that if I open my mouth, the rapids might never stop and I won’t be able to pull the iron doors shut. And honestly sometimes, I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do it. Maybe today I’ll place the blame [...]

words & stuff

I’ve decided that there is no good way to start a blog post. If I think about it too hard, I’ll get stuck in the rut of trying to write it like an essay, with an introductory paragraph that transitions effortlessly into three succinct, yet interesting body paragraphs, and a conclusion designed to pack a [...]

A Really Big Year

5.09.16 In the 23 short years I’ve been alive, I’ve only ever had one goal for myself. Graduate from college. That’s it. I remember being in Kindergarten and thinking, “Holy cow. I have 12 more years of school left! And then 4 more years after that!” And then I might’ve cried a little because that’s [...]

Rhythm + Blues

5.4.16 Sometimes, it’s just hard to put things into words. After I travel, at first I want to tell everyone everything about it and then I get a little jealous and protective of my memories. I tend to want to hold it all inside because if I let it out, then my trip will really [...]


4.22.16 As a self-proclaimed introvert, it's hard for me to do things I've never done before. When I turned 21, I made a goal for myself of going at least 1 new place a year. And by new place, I mean somewhere outside the United States that I've never been to before. In 2014, it [...]